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   April 23, 2024

    Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Flight Information

What you should know if you are dropping someone off or you are traveling on the Atlantic Dreams flight:

What to Bring/Not to Bring

  • If you take medication, please come with a 2 or 3 day supply.
  • Adults coming on the flight must have a passport.
  • All children must travel with their long form birth certificate (original copy, photocopies will not be accepted.)
  • Children do not bring anything with them (no money, backpacks, bags, sunglasses, cell phones cameras, etc).

Arrival & Parking

The flight date is April 23, 2024. Children must arrive at the ALT hotel (ground level) at 3:00am. It is important to be on time as the children will be changing into new clothing and shoes. 

If you are accompanying a child on the flight or dropping a child off, there is free parking next to the ALT hotel (there will be lots of signage to direct you. Please note, if you choose to park in paid parking that is at your own cost, we will not cover that. 

Inside ALT Hotel

  • Once inside the ALT Hotel, proceed to our check in table. 
  • Children will be directed to their group leader by a volunteer
  • Please do not leave the hotel until your child’s bag of clothing has been returned to you. 
  • If someone other then the parent/guardian is dropping off or picking up, please inform the chaperone during your phone call with them or the volunteers at the check in table. 

At Disney World - Magic Kingdom

  • Groups will be spending the day at Magic Kingdom. 
  • Children will be in groups of 6 during the day. Typically, it is 1 adult to 4 children ratio at the airport and on the plane. Once in Florida, another chaperone will join the group making it a 2 adult to 4 children ratio. In some cases, children will have 2 adults with them on the plane as well.  
  • Each group will go through Magic Kingdom at their own pace. Food, drinks, and lots of water will be provided. Children and adults are not allowed to purchase souvenirs in the park. Dreams Take Flight purchases items in advance for the children and they will receive them upon arrival back in Halifax. 
  • The group will stay together at all times during the day. There will be two adult chaperones with 4 children. You will have enough time to go on several rides . It is good for children to do some research ahead of time and think of what rides they would like to do and then they can talk about it with their chaperones. The day is for the kids and we do everything we can to make it the best day ever for them! 
  • The groups will meet at 7:00 pm to begin departure from the parks. We will depart Orlando at approximately 9:30pm.
  • We have 1 photographer  and 1 videographer in the park. The children will have a memory book mailed to them sometime in July or August.  We will also post some photos to our social media accounts and website.

Back in Halifax

  • We expect to arrive back in Halifax around 1:30am. We ask that parents/guardians be at the airport (USA Arrivals) by 1:00am. 
  • For live flight tracking you can visit 
  • Flight Number to Orlando is AC7181 
  • Flight Number back to Halifax is AC7182
  • Children will be given a backpack full of items that have been either purchased or donated when they arrive at the Halifax airport. Please make sure they get this before taking them home. 

This is a NO Smoking, NO Alcohol, NO Drugs Day! – NO Exceptions

Flight Itinerary

3:00am – Children arrive at the ALT Hotel (ground level) – check in at the check in table 

3:30am – Children will say goodbye to parents/guardians at ALT Hotel – parents/guardians do not come into the airport

4:00am – Groups begin heading to US Customs

5:30am – Depart for Orlando (MCO) – flight number AC7181

8:30am – Arrival in Orlando (1 hour time change)

9:15am – Depart Orlando Airport on buses

10:00am – Arrival at Disney Parks Magic Kingdom 

**Groups spend the whole day in their assigned park**

7:00pm – Groups meet POOL leaders near park entrance to prepare for departure

7:30pm – Load buses at Disney parks and head for Orlando Airport (MCO)

8:15pm – Arrive at Orlando Airport, wait for US Customs to clear each group and then load on aircraft

9:30pm – Depart for Halifax Airport (YHZ) – this time is approximate – flight number AC7182 

1:00am – Parents/guardians arrive at Halifax Airport to pick up children (USA Arrivals – inside) 

1:30am – Flight arrives in Halifax and children are returned to parents/guardians – this time is approximate 



Medical Release

Please print and have your family doctor or nurse practitioner complete it and then upload it to this page.